FFL Transfers

Our FFL has been updated and the transfer service is now available. However, there are a few caveats. Please go to the Transfers page and read through the process. There are some blackout dates in May that you need to be aware of before initiating a transfer. It is imperative that you abide by the described process in order to avoid shipments being denied and returned to the dealer.

Boeing Employees' Rifle & Pistol Club

The Boeing Employees' Rifle & Pistol Club (BERPC) is a group of employees and retirees of The Boeing Company in St. Louis, MO who enjoy the rewarding sport of recreational and competitive shooting both informally and in a league/match environment.

The club provides organized programs for marksmanship training, competitive shooting, and firearm safety. Club members can take advantage of these benefits, as well as our ability to purchase shooting equipment and supplies at wholesale prices.


Check out the Stuff page for news and info on topics of interest.

Membership applications/waivers for 2016 are being accepted. See the application/waiver page for a copy of the form and instructions for submitting it. See the membership page for information about membership types and privileges.

The 2016 Match Calendar is now available. Please note that both PPC and HPR matches will run on the same schedule: 7:00 setup, 7:30 match start, 9:30 range clear. This is the same for HPR, but it is 30 minutes earlier for PPC.

2016 Match Scores

Scores for the 24 April PPC match have been posted.

Scores for the 10 April High Power Rifle match have been posted.

See the Match Calendar for scores from all matches.