Boeing Employees' Rifle and Pistol Club

The Boeing Employees' Rifle & Pistol Club (BERPC) is a group of employees and retirees of The Boeing Company in St. Louis, MO who enjoy the rewarding sport of recreational and competitive shooting both informally and in a league/match environment.

The club provides organized programs for marksmanship training, competitive shooting and firearm safety. Club members can take advantage of these benefits, as well as our ability to purchase shooting equipment and supplies at wholesale prices.

Match Schedules

The 2014 match schedules have been posted, and the first match is only 2 weeks away (PPC on April 19th). Time to get your trigger finger loosened up!

2014 Membership Application

The 2014 Membership Application is now avilable for download. See the Membership page for more information.

PPC Handgun Competition

Police Pistol Combat (PPC) is a shooting sport using duty-type handguns, either revolers or semi-auto pistols. PPC requires only a small amount of gear and is a good way to get started in competitive shooting. BERPC hosts six monthly PPC matches from April to September. (more info)

High Power Rifle Competition

High Power Rifle is, as the name implies, a shooting sport for centerfire service-rifles of calibre .223 (5.56mm) and higher. Matches consist of both slow and rapid fire from the prone, sitting, and standing positions. BERPC hosts five matches starting in the spring and running into fall. (more info)

FFL Transfers

BERPC maintains a club FFL, so members can transfer firearms through the club for minimal fee ($10 per firearm). To initiate a transfer, contact the BERPC FFL Administrator.