FFL Transfers

BERPC-STL no longer provides FFL transfers for members. Instead, we have partnered with the Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center to provide FFL transfers for a nominal fee of $10 per firearm.

Members should receive a Range Partner card along with their membership card. While presenting this card at the time of transfer is not necessary, it may make the process smoother. Additionally, there are other benefits associated with the range partnership (more info to follow soon).

The Transfer Process

To take advantage of the transfer service, please use the following process:

  1. Initiate the transfer using Ultimate Defense as the FFL to which the item will be shipped.
    • Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center
    • 590 Truner Blvd.
    • St. Peters, MOnbsp; 63376
    • 636-278-2825
  2. Contact Ultimate Defense via email at info@udrange.com and include the item name, who it is for, and recipient’s BERPC-STL membership status. Include contact information in the email. A helpful subject line in the email will allow Ultimate Defense to identify BERPC-STL transfers. For example:
    • To: info@udrange.com
    • Subject: FFL Transfer - Boeing Employees Rifle & Pistol Club
    • A Glock 17 and a Rock River LAR-15 are being shipped to Ultimate Defense for Bob Bobberson, a member of the Boeing Employees Rifle & Pistol Club.
    • b.bobberson@some-emal.com
    • 636-555-1212
  3. When notified, proceed to Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center (map) to complete the transfer:
    • Present a current BERPC-STL membership card or letter.
    • Fill out a Form 4473 to complete a NICS check.
    • Pay the transfer fee(s). Fees are $10 per item (this is a change from the BERPC FFL transfer fee of $10 per 4473 form).


Is the transfer fee $10 per firearm or $10 per transaction?

The transfer fee is $10 per firearm. This is a change from the previous service, implemented to avoid having multiple firearms stored at the Ultimate Defense facility while a buyer makes multiple purchases over an extended period of time.

I'm from out-of-state, can I transfer firearms through the club?

Ultimate Defense can only transfer firearms to Missouri residents with a current Missouri Driver's License.