High-Power Rifle Score Calculator

String Shots X 10 9 8 7 6 5 NS Score
Offhand (slow) 10
Sitting (rapid) 10
Prone (rapid) 10
Prone (slow) 20
High Master485 - 500 Master470 - 484 Expert445 - 469 Sharpshooter420 - 444 Marksman0 - 419
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Usage Notes

  • Enter the number of hits (not points) in each ring. Mark hits in the X-ring only in the X column, not in the 10 column.
  • Shaded scoring boxes indicate scoring rings "in the black" on the target for that string.
  • NS (no score) - Use this column to mark shots which did not hit in the 5-ring or better.
  • Shot Count
    • Red text indicates too few shots for the string (remember to mark misses in the NS column)
    • White text on red background indicates too many shots
  • Refer to the Scoring Guide for more information.